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ServicesAssociate DesignerSenior DesignerMaster Designer
Synergy Manicure30+

Our Synergy manicure consists of cuticle care; nail trimming and shaping; a relaxing hand massage and your choice of nail color. You’ll love how your nails look healthier with a natural shine.

Spa Manicure40+

Spa manicures include a gentle hand soak followed by exfoliation. A soothing hand massage follows this treatment and ends with a warm towel wrap for your hands to soothe and soften your skin. The experience is capped by our Synergy manicure. This delightful process leaves your hands feeling and looking younger!

Shellac Manicure30+

This service is for those who desire a stronger natural nail. It starts with a cleaning of the nails and then the application of our guest’s desired Shellac polish. Your results will be the longer-lasting polish that doesn’t chip.

Synergy Pedicure50+

Pamper your tired and worn feet with a spa soak for your feet followed by a relaxing foot/calf massage & our Synergy pedicure that consists of cuticle care; nail trimming and shaping; and your choice of nail color.

Spa Pedicure60+

This exemplary pedicure experience. Seated in our massage chair, you are treated to a lengthy foot soak in our jet-equipped foot bath. Your cuticles are then treated and trimmed, to ensure health and growth. An exfoliating citrus scrub is then applied followed by a calming lavender mask. Next, enjoy a foot and calf massage. Warm towels will gently dry and soften your feet and prepare them for toenail polish.

Synergy Mani and Pedi70+
Spa Mani and Pedi80+
Buffer Shine5+
French Tip w / Service5+
Nail Art (Per Nail)5+
Paraffin Hand Treatment20
Polish Change15+
Cut Down (Each Set)10+