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Synergy Salon’s 9-Step Process to amazing and long-lasting color!

The majority of our guests, (a whopping 80%!), come to Synergy Salon for our coloring services. With a little over 5300 guests, we have provided 4000 color services since we first opened in 2008. Of that number, many guests choose to complete their look with a double or triple application of color, choosing from a broad selection of highlights, lowlights, face-framing, dimensional color, and more. With so much color, we have a lot of happy guests! If you would like to join our family of satisfied color guests, please come in and we can begin a journey together to beautify your hair.

First Step: Define Your Dream Color Look.

We are all very unique: your desired look is unique and each hair designer is unique. Knowing what you are looking for is essential because only after you have determined your ideal look can we can target your specific services and assign the right team member to meet your needs. Bring your ideas and dreams. Reinforce your thoughts with a picture or two if you are not sure but please bring no more than three.

Second Step: Protecting Your Scalp & Hair

Knowing how to prepare the day before your hair color service will bring the best results and give you the most comfort after your color service. The first line of protection for your hair is your own body. Your scalp produces natural oils that accumulate and will help protect your scalp from the chemicals used in color treatments. You need those oils. Protect your scalp by refraining from washing or vigorous brushing the day before your color service. The old maxim ‘do not wash your hair two days before coloring’ remains proven and true! Although not washing your hair will not help the color to take better, it will protect your scalp — especially if your scalp is sensitive. If it is your first time for color, come in a couple of days in advance of your appointment for a patch test to ensure your safety and comfort. If you are an experienced color guest and know you have a sensitive scalp or skin condition, let us know if we need to process color differently.

Third Step: Consultation

The consultation is like our first date. We will invite you to our Redken color lab with all the color swatches to pick from. Some of our ladies and gentlemen know exactly what color or color effect they want. Others will want a longer discussion of what is possible. A few will find that, after describing their desires, it will be sufficient to say, “I trust you,” and let your colorist determine the exact color dimensions. Trust is a good thing. We appreciate it when guests trust us. However, we still want you to know what decisions have been made for your hair color. Together, we will determine and show you a color based on your skin tone and other factors. We will show you how we plan to place highlights and lowlights to complement your haircut. We will take into account your preferences, your lifestyle and how you will be able to maintain your new color. Please note at Synergy Salon we only use the Redken color system.

Fourth Step: Finding Your Color Style

How your hair is cut will make your color design more or less effective. Starting from the dreams and pictures you collected above, we will discuss how your color and cut work together. We can modify what you love in the photos and eliminate what you do not like. In the case that you are still not quite sure of your color and style choices, we will recommend that you stay closer to what you have now at first.

Communication is important. Confidence in your decision is even more important. Thus we will also give you some time to look through hair styling books and explore other color and style options on the internet. Lastly, we always confirm with you what we are going to do, what needs to get done, and your total charges before we begin our services.

Fifth Step: The Application of Skill, Creativity & Color

Hair color is as much of an art as it is a science. It is not as simple as painting a wall — especially when highlights, lowlights, and multidimensional color effects are desired. While some guests want chromatic color with a modern stylistic “techno” feel to it, most want color that looks like their hair has always been that way. This takes skill and decisive judgment to blend effects and distribute color.

Sixth Step: Color Maturation

The processing of color chemicals is strictly science. There is no substitution for the time it takes. The color processing time can be between 30 to 55 minutes depending on your color service. That does not mean you need to suffer through that time! We will make you feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. We have complimentary refreshments available. You might decide on coffee, tea or a glass of wine with or without a cookie or two. A selection of fashion magazines is available for browsing or you may choose to browse the internet using our salon guest computer.

Seventh Step: Chemistry Finishing

When the color has set, the chemical coloring agents are removed by a thorough shampooing of your hair and scalp by one of our trained assistants. This is a critical quality assessment point. Your supervising stylist will examine your hair to assure that the color results are exactly as planned. If there is any unwanted variation it will be corrected at this point. Each person’s hair is unique in its acceptance of color. While the steps followed before are usually sufficient in providing the desired look, a few additional color adjustments may be needed if your stylist determines it so.

Eighth Step: Care-Conditioning

After we have determined your color is correct, we will take an extra step to make sure your color will last. We apply Redken Chemistry Color Extend to lock in your hair color and to return your hair to its normal, smooth, and silky feel. This care-conditioning step will allow your hair color to last much longer than other coloring systems available to you and it will insure that your hair maintains its integrity and strength.

Ninth Step: The Fabulous Finish

Remember the discussion above about how color works best with you styling your hair for the greatest effect? This is where that all comes together. Your stylist will not only style your hair but will apply styling products from our premium Eufora line to insure that your hair has shine and hold, that it is soft, and has good volume. Your stylist will also show you how to achieve these salon effects at home. If you need additional tools to create the effect you desire, we offer a selection of salon-quality equipment.

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Color Consultation
Hair Line Foil (high light or low light)
1/2 head Foil (high light or low light)
Full head Foil l (high light or low light)
Color Root Retouch
Color Root to End
Color Gloss- Add Shine
Color Toner- Control Tone
Color Root Retouch with Half-Head Foil
Color Root Retouch with Full Head Foil
Hairline Balayage
1/2 Head Balayage
Full Head Balayage
Balayage Long